NCCAP MEPAP I & II Certification and Consulting

What is NCCAP & MEPAP?


NCCAP is focused on improving Quality of Life in all care settings.  To that end, we offer individuals the opportunity to earn one of several Certifications for a variety of care areas.  Each Care Topic contains multiple Certifications. Each Certification has a foundation based on Activities and Engagement.


The MEPAP 2nd edition is a  training course created by the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals (NCCAP It provides a national standardized educational curriculum of information essential to being a  professional activity director. MEPAP is usually divided into 2 teaching portions of 90 hours each. A 90-hour practicum accompanies both portions.

Benefits From MEPAP I/II



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Comprehend the role of activities in maintaining improving and the quality of life of populations served by long term care facilities, assisted living communities, and special care units.

  • Gain basic knowledge of the role, purpose, and scope of practice of activity programming.
  • Expand student knowledge of the MDS, care planning, and documentation requirements.
  • Understand state, federal and requirements.
  • Increase the awareness of the mental and physical changes and limitations of the aging population.
  • Gain an awareness of the basic interest and needs of the geriatric resident/client.


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Comprehend the administrative role of activities in maintaining and improving the quality of life of populations served by long term care facilities, assisted living communities, and special care units;

  • Define management as a science and as an art, giving characteristics of each.
  •  Identify personal skills and strengths in the role of a manager, creating an action plan for the future.
  •  Define a major characteristic of three different management theories.
  • Defined theories to actual management roles within the facility.
  • Examine the difference between being a manager and a leader.
  • Define content and the importance of vision and mission statements.
  • Identify five specific components of facility culture.
  • Learn how to manage conflict in a constructive manner.
  • Develop a working knowledge of how to recruit and train volunteers 
  • Understand the five functions of management 
  • Prepare for the NCCAP national exam

More about NCCAP & MEPAP

MEPAP I and MEPAP II developed by NCCAP is the educational program for persons who work in activities. NCCAP is the certifying body for persons who work in activities in long-term care. MEPAP I & II meets and exceeds the state and federal requirements for working as an activity director in long-term care. The program consists of a practicum, assignments, exams, and projects that meet the curriculum design and is one of the requirements for NCCAP certification.

Dr. Stewart is a pre-approved instructor and has worked in long-term care for over 25 years and has many awards and presentations to her credit, including being nominated for the Ohio Assisted Living Association Outstanding Activity Director award in 2007 and recognized with the Ohio Health Care Association Professional Achievement Award in 2009. She was also awarded The Great Award by the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities in 2012.

Dr. Stewart is passionate about improving the quality of life for senior adult care and job satisfaction for those who work in long-term care. She is an avid advocate and consultant for the industry challenges that face today’s health care agencies. Dr. Stewart’s recent publications and research include The Investigation of the Preferred Learning Styles of Persons Living with Dementia, Caregivers’ Attitudes and Beliefs about Pain Medication Administration, Finding the Good in the Workplace Bully, and Bullies do not Work Alone.

Getting Started is Easy


The certificates can be achieved online through email exchange and phone or video conferencing of the needed criteria.

Оrganizations or individuals may work at their own pace; however, most certificates take 6 months to complete

Onsight analysis and assessment is possible for additional travel and lodging fees

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