Blog: Finding the Good in the Workplace Bully

The book Finding the Good in the Workplace Bully examines organizational culture and wellness in the presence of bully triads. The book includes ideas for assessment and performance improvement concerning organizational culture. The book addresses possible approaches to improve workplace culture and organizational wellness and to create bully-free environments.

By Dr. Debra Stewart 

Blog: Support for Caregivers

Dr. Debra Stewart is an organizational psychologist with a specialization in health and wellness, and she also has a master’s in business administration and a master’s in teaching and learning with technology. Dr. Stewart provides certifications that are a good fit for organizational problems that occur in organizations, communities, school systems, and religious groups.

By Dr. Debra Stewart 

Blog: MEPAP: Modular Education Program for Activity Professionals

MEPAP I & II classes are now forming for both traditional, online, and distance learning settings.
Dr. Debra Stewart is a NCCAP pre-approved instructor with over 25 years experience in long-term care.


By Dr. Debra Stewart