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Hello! I’m Debra,and this is Picture Yourself Stronger LLC

Organizational Psychologist

Specialization in Health and Wellness

Dr. Debra Stewart is an organizational psychologist with a specialization in health and wellness, and she also has a master’s in business administration and a master’s in teaching and learning with technology. Dr. Stewart provides certifications that are a good fit for organizational problems that occur in organizations, communities, school systems, and religious groups.

Dr. Stewart’s recent work includes helping hospitals understand the needs of discharge planning as it pertains to the caregivers’ attitudes and beliefs about pain medication administration, and increasing unit productivity for the caregiver who takes care of persons living with dementia. Also, Dr. Stewart has developed a bully management and prevention system for organizations, colleges, schools, and the elderly population that provide the tools to begin the foundation for healthier and safer work and learning environments.

Dr. Stewart and the Picture Yourself Stronger LLC team of consultants look forward to helping you diagnosis your organizational and cultural issues that may be impeding the progress of your mission and goals. Our team of experts seeks to retain your talent and provide educational development and programs as needed in a realistic and cost-effective manner.

My Approach & Values

Picture Yourself Stronger LLC is a consulting agency dedicated to promoting healthier cultures through certification programs that are explicitly designed for the organization to support increased productivity and the retention of customer and human resource talent. Also, the team of Picture Yourself Stronger LLC will address and provide direction concerning poor satisfaction rates, low employee and customer morale, and work to reduce absenteeism and accident and injury rates.

My Education

  • Doctorate of Organizational Psychology with a Specialization in Health and Wellness
  • Masters in Business Administration
  • Masters in Teaching and Learning with Technology
  • Bachelors of Science

My Experience

  • Twenty-five plus years working with the elderly and in long-term care leadership
  • Twenty-five plus years managing and leading employees and leadership
  • Professor of business and psychology for colleges and universities teaching undergrad and graduate academic levels
  • Consultant for the Vital Life Community
  • NCCAP Activity Consultant Certified
  • Long-term Care Research
  • Author: Finding the Good in the Workplace Bully

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